How familiar are you with medication safety?

Thursday, 06. August 2020

Therapy with drugs is the most commonly used intervention in healthcare. Several professionals are involved in this process - it is obvious that the safety of medical treatment can only be increased through interprofessional efforts. However, many training programmes have gaps in this very area of medication safety.

The University of Bonn is currently developing a structured interprofessional Master course to expand and consolidate skills in the field of medication safety: SINA stands for "structured interprofessional course of studies on the subject of medication safety ", see also (German).
Specialists will soon be qualified with suitable in-service training and then act as multipliers to raise awareness of the risks of medical treatment among the relevant actors in healthcare. In doing so, they will be able to contribute to systematically minimising these risks in patient care.

The development of the innovative, competence-based interprofessional curriculum took place from February 2019 to January 2020 and was funded by the Federal Ministry of Health. An interprofessional working group led the curriculum development process. IP-Health (in the SINA project still referred to as InZIG e.V.) supported the project with the collaboration of Dr Anna Laven, who was responsible for the core module on communication and the additional module on adherence.

Find the presentation of the curriculum development at this year's PCNE Congress here.


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