IP-Health Award for Interprofessionalism

We invite you to send us your interprofessional projects. Make sure to include not only hospital but also community care. Show the improvement through collaborative care and explain how it worked.

The Society for Interprofessionalism in Healthcare was founded in November 2017 with the aim of promoting and further developing interprofessional cooperation in Germany. In the sense of a "grassroots" movement - according to the motto "There is nothing good unless you do it!" - we would now like to gather your experiences with successful interprofessional cooperation that ensures patient safety at home. What conclusions have you drawn in your working environment across institutions?

The entries will be published on the website of the Society for Interprofessionalism in Healthcare ( after the winners have been announced. The Society for Interprofessionalism in Healthcare will award prize money totalling 2,000 euros for the three best projects for successful cooperation in two categories (project plan or implementation). You can find the tender documents here.

Please fill out the following form or send your project description by mail to Society for Interprofessionalism in Healthcare, Schumannstr. 7b, 10117 Berlin

The winners will be invited to present their concept at the next annual meeting of the Society for Interprofessionalism in Healthcare.

Your contribution for the "IP-Health Award for Interprofessionalism”:

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